Vision Therapy Success Story…

Last week Finley had his vision tested by a therapist and then by Dr. Ron Bateman at Fort Collins Family Eye Care. About five-hours total of testing over a two-day period. Once again Finley has amazed us with his hard work and growth. “Finley has made tremendous gains with his delayed vision development,” said Dr. Ron Bateman […]

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Occupational Therapy Success…

In March 2014, we met with Tanya Bay, an occupational therapist, to have her evaluate Finley. We filled out an extensive questionnaire about our son while she put him through a series of seemingly everyday tasks. Did he have trouble completing his homework? Is his bedroom extremely messy and disorganized – even for a kid? […]

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What is in a name?

What is in a name? by Kort Duce March 2015     What is in a name? Clumsy Child Syndrome. Developmental Coordination Disorder. Developmental Dyspraxia. These are three different names for the same neuro-developmental disorder according to the World Health Organization. Thankfully laypeople, researchers and clinicians did not embrace the name “Clumsy Child Syndrome” for obvious derogatory […]

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Embracing DCD…

Embracing DCD by Kort Duce March 2015   Our 11-year-old son, Finley, is one of potentially 3.6 million children in the United States living with this “hidden” neuro-developmental disorder called Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD), which effects their motor skills and daily living. DCD was once known as dyspraxia, but the terminology was changed 20 years ago […]

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55 Books on DCD…

  55 books on DCD/Dyspraxia:  – in chronological order from newest to oldest –       Supporting Children with Dyspraxia and Motor Co-ordination Difficulties. by Rob Grayson, Elizabeth Morling and Jill Wing, June 2015.     Developmental Coordination Disorder and Its Consequences. by John Cairney, 2015.     Waiting for a Voice: A Parent’s […]

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Eye Therapy…

During vision therapy for the next twelve weeks Finley has to accomplish an hour of home therapy at least six days of the week. He is permitted to take one day off to rest. (On Tuesdays and Fridays he has actual vision therapy appointments with Becky Reeves-Manning at the Vision Therapy Center of Fort Collins, which […]

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Delayed Eye Development…

 Delayed Eye Development – Visual Perceptual/Visual Motor Deficit – By Kort Duce February 2015   It is interesting how neurological disorders are all intertwined. If a person has one neurological disorder the likelihood that they will have another co-occurring neurological disorder or learning disability is great. Some disorders have a probability greater than fifty percent. […]

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